Understanding Why People Get Into Property Bidding Wars

Well folks, as anticipated, bidding wars are back with a vengeance, at least here in San Francisco. If I were a real estate agent, I would never encourage my clients to engage in a bidding war. Winning such a war

Dario Meyer 22 Min Read

How to Organize Bills: 8 Helpful Tips

Knowing how to organize your bill payments ensures that your money goes where it needs to go and at the right time. In fact, having a bill payment process in place is an important part of budgeting. But setting up

Kayne Collins 14 Min Read

Analyzing Home Price Dynamics: A Guide To Smarter Purchases

Understanding how home prices fluctuate over time is one of the most intriguing insights gleaned from my post on the reasons behind property bidding wars. Learning how prices change will empower you to make more informed purchases in the future.

Dario Meyer 18 Min Read

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